Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello all!

I feel the need to clarify something from my make-up post. After re-reading it, I am worried that something I said will cause others to take offense, and that is the last thing I want. And it's the last thing I intended. So let me set the record straight: When I said that I can't go to work without wearing make-up because I don't feel polished or professional, those are only my feelings about MYSELF. Personally, I feel like I look somewhat hungover when I have a clean face, or like I got approximately 20 seconds of sleep the night before. But, I know SEVERAL other ladies who look absolutely amazing, face-paint or no face-paint.

So, if you are a fresh-faced lady who forgoes the cosmetics, work or no work...I hope that you were not insulted by my words!

Now, who wants to see the Brady Bands I ordered? Of course you do!

Yes, I'm wearing my pajamas, don't judge me!

I also got one with an owl on it, but I can't seem to find the picture I took. Hmmmm....

My advice, if you are planning to order Brady Bands, is...measure your darned head!!! She does offer a larger size, but I got all cocky-like: "Oh, my head is a normal size, of course it is, I don't need to measure", and as a result, my bands are a tiny bit too small. So take my advice!!!


  1. Okay, I have to play catch-up...
    *Love the new layout!
    *Yay for the last weigh-in!
    *Those bands are cool!
    *and thank goodness for make up! I was not offended by that post, but like you, I also feel that in a professional environment its needed to at least cover those dark under eye circles or to at least look "awake". I hardly ever go out without a little mascara or whatever but at home I never wear any, why would I? Wearing makeup doesn't mean our faces are cakey or packed, there is natural looking way of using and much needed if you are me, and I repeat: thank goodness for makeup lol

  2. I just want to say you've had an amazing transformation! I remember when mlfc was still so small and I remember your first side-by-sides. Am I creeping you out yet? LOL Seriously though, you're doing great! And I'm about to order a couple Brady bands myself! :)

  3. Shanny - I'm with you, and I am SO jealous of those ladies who look great without makeup!!!

    Jennifer - not creepy at all, and thank you so much for your comments!