Monday, November 19, 2012

Goals I've Hit Recently...

I hit my wedding weight (153)

I ran 5k at a personal best (30:30)

I ran 10k at a personal best (1 hour, 15 minutes...oh heck, I'm just happy that I ran 10k!)

I fit into size 29 jeans

I had to buy size small (what?) exercise pants


I manged to stay away from the bag of dill pickle chips (my favourite) that SOMEONE brought into the house (against my wishes)...

...for two days.


Okay, so truthfully, my eating hasn't been all that great. Okay, it's been bad. Again. Too much junk, too many calories, not enough fruits and vegetables. The fact that I have not yet gained weight is some kind of miracle. I have to snap out of this! Help!


  1. Way to go Brenna! Congrats on hitting so many goals! And shame on the one who bought you those delicious delicious chips...someone at my house bought Salt and Vinegar chips for me on Saturday...I lasted only one day. I cracked that bag Sunday night when I got home from work!

  2. You are doing just great!
    Life is about going back and forth in balance. That being said, I have no self control so maybe don't listen to me lol

  3. I find that the longer I'm eating healthy the less healthy stuff I want to eat. Blah lol