Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat-Free Friday: Decisions, decisions

First thing is first: the results of the latest poll are in, and most of you agree that it is NOT too early to start decorating for Christmas. Good. Because I've already started :)

Next up: my weight this week. I stepped on the scale today at 152.8, which is just darned excellent. As some of you may have read previously, I have given myself a goal range of 153-157, and I really wanted to be at the 153 mark (my wedding weight) before my trip to Florida. I leave in just over a week, so as long as I can maintain this loss into next week, mission will be accomplished.

So, here is where I'm stuck: At 153, my total weight loss is 45 pounds. This is great, but I just can not help myself from thinking "If I just lose 5 more pounds, I can say that I lost 50lbs". And that just sounds awesome, right? But, do I actually care about losing another 5 pounds? Am I just getting obsessed with losing weight? I'm not sure. It's hard to tell. But, with my trip and Christmas coming up, I know that I'm going to be more focused on maintenance for now, so I have some time to decide. I'd love to hear feedback, though. What do you ladies think?

And here is another crafty project to show you: a wreath I made for my daughter's room. Please ignore the dirty floor in the background...I took this photo in my basement!


  1. As a wise woman once told me "Don't fall into the trap where you give the scale too much power". I think you look fantastic!

  2. I keep adding 5 more pounds to how much I want to lose. I've got a lot to go to be at the low end of my weight range for my height so I'm not worried yet! I think you look fantastic!