Friday, November 23, 2012

Fat-Free Farewell...

I'm off, everyone! Early Sunday morning, my family and I will be taking a vacation to sunny Florida (Disney World, to be exact. It's my ninth time going!). I am so thrilled to finally be going with a child old enough to know what's going on!

I weighed 152.8 this morning, again. Not sure I want to know what the scale will say upon my return! I will be gone for two weeks, so...wish my luck! I'll miss writing to you!


P.S. Like my random Elf on the Shelf picture?
P.P.S. Check out the post here. My picture is third from the top...


  1. Girl, you won't gain weight! With all that walking around the parks, I always lose weight at Disney even though I eat ridiculously! Have fun!!

  2. Have fun! I hope that all that park food is good to you ;)