Friday, August 10, 2012

Why crafting is just like weight loss...

I know, I know. That title makes no sense. Or does it? While they may seem like two completely things - crafting and weight loss, that is - I believe that there are some definite similarities. Sure, one involves sitting on your big ol' behind and using the least amount of muscle as possible, and the other involves getting that big behind to be, well...less big. But, look beyond those stark differences, as I ask you to consider these three things:

1. Both seem like a good first.
I could spend HOURS planning my weight loss program, my exercise regime, my caloric intake, and imagining what I'll look like when I'm finally "at goal". And I could spend just as many hours drooling over felt play food and holiday decorations, daydreaming about how much my daughter will appreciate her next gift from Santa. Yup, both seem like great ideas...until you realize that all of the planning and preparation will not result in the much-coveted final "product" until you first engulf yourself in a whole lotta time-consuming WORK! Then, you are tired just thinking about it all!

2. Both lead to huge amounts of procrastination
Just like I often don't WANNA go workout, I often have trouble getting inspired to craft. "But I don't WANT to work on the playhouse tonight. I want to sit on the couch, eat potato chips and whine on my blog!" I mean sure, once I get going (either with exercise, healthy eating, or crafting) I very easily get "on a roll" and don't want to stop, but until that point, I find myself trying to find every excuse in the book to avoid doing both.

3. Both have incredibly worthwhile results
Just like seeing the scale go down those last pesky ten pounds, finishing a craft project gives you the feeling that you've really accomplished something. And in both cases, you've got something great to look at afterwards! The only problem? You can't help but start to wonder about future projects...and the cycle begins again...

So, you see, crafting and weight loss can definitely be compared. Especially if you're a nerd like me, who appreciates a good over-analysis. Now, stop reading, and go do something! I have some scizzors and glue waiting for me...

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