Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post (Mine)!

I am thrilled to announce that I have a guest post featured on Fitness Unscripted's blog. (Good news - it features PICTURES, something that my own blog is seriously lacking. I'll work on that, I promise). What is Fitness Unscripted, you ask? Well, I'll tell you:

Have you heard of Mama Laughlin? If not, you should. Go check out here site.

Basically, she's a mom of two who lose 60 pounds after her first child, got back to her size after her second pregnancy, all the while writing a very honest, real, and humerous blog for all to see. She has a ridiculous amount of followers, which is not surpising. She's an inspiration, and deserves the attention!

Anyway, a couple of the ladies who follow her blog decided to make a facebook group dedicated to health and fitness (and, of course, weight loss), and that lead to the creation of a new blog! It will feature posts from members of our group, during our various transitions. Cool, eh? (I'm Canadian, so yes, I say "eh" a lot!)

Please check it out!

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  1. Cool, eh, indeed! I really appreciate the Fitness Unscripted shout out and your contribution! I hope you and the family have a great Labor Day weekend! ~ Jen J.