Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things NOT to Do in the Summer (when it's hot as heck)

1. Decide to go for a run. In your long, black shorts. Without bringing water. In an area with no shade. With no sunscreen.
2. Clean your house, unless you have primo air conditioning. It's just not worth the sweat.
3. Your makeup. Just don't even bother...
4. Drink hot beverages. Yes, I'm talking to you, you weirdo. What is wrong with you?
5. Wear pants. You're making me hot just by looking at you!

Actually, I love summer. But this year's temperatures are a little too much, even for me!
How are YOU coping with the heat?


  1. Errr... I drink hot coffee BUT in my house where the central AC is blasting, does that make it ok?
    How am I coping? same way: central AC lol and lots of water.. and not running around much with the kids (as much as they allow it anyway)