Friday, August 31, 2012

Six weeks ago...

Six weeks ago I weighed 183 pounds. (I'm 5'9). I had already lost 15 pounds through healthier eating, but had stalled because let's face it, my habits weren't amazing, and I wasn't very active.

Six weeks ago, I joined a gym, keen on getting back into the fitness swing of things. It had been about five years since I'd been at the gym (when I got married, ate like a pig, and gained all of the weight I had previously lost back - and then some).

Six weeks ago I decided to REALLY start following my Weight Watchers plan.

I started my own, personal "Summer Slimdown", seeing what I could do in the last six weeks before September hit. Today, I am pleased to share my results.

Today, I weigh 169.4. I have also lost several inches. I am very proud of what I have done so far, but I'm not done yet! I have at least 12-16 pounds to go, but at least now, I know that I can accomplish my goals. I'm officially the thinnest I've been in five years, and that stupid BMI is forced to stop calling me "unhealthy"!

So what's up next? "Thinner By Thanksgiving". Hoping to lost at least 6.4 pounds in the next 5 weeks. Hold me to it!

And here are a couple photos...183 vs. 169.4!!!


  1. new follower from Mama Laughlin Fit Camp on FB.

  2. I love your goal names! "Thinner by Thanksgiving" great one!! You look great too, keep up the good work!

  3. You look fantastic, Brenna! Keep it up! I love your posts/comments on the Fit Camp board, so was thrilled to find your blog. :)

  4. You look awesome! Way to go! Keep up the good work. :) ~a fellow fit camper

  5. I also love "Thinner by Thanksgiving", maybe I can steal that for the next weight loss challenge???? Keep up the fabulous work!!! I'll be watching! ~ Jen J.

  6. Jen J - feel free to steal! Mine is aimed around Canadian Thanksgiving, but you could obviously use that for the American one too!

  7. Your comparison pictures are amazing! Keep it up! Cheers to Thinner by Thanksgiving!