Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Back and Forth

This week has been very back and forth for me in the eating department. One day good, the next day bingey, the next day's a vicious cycle that I need to stop. Like, yesterday. Some of you may question why I am choosing such a busy and food-heavy time of year to try to get myself back on track, but I figure, if I can manage it now, I can certain manage it during the rest of the year!

In other news, my kids wrote their letters to Santa today. Well, I did most of the writing. I asked Donovan (the 2 year old) what he wants for Christmas, and he said, "A Mickey." Now, he has a bunch of Mickey Mouse toys, so I can only assume that he wants a real animated mouse to show up at our house, and that isn't going to happen. So I convinced him to ask for Thomas trains and Batman stuff. My daughter wants Ever After High dolls and some Megablocks Barbie things.

I want there to be a real Santa so that I wouldn't have to pay for this stuff, ha ha.

Less than a month until Christmas. I can't believe it...

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  1. I'm having the same problems with food. I do really great for a day, and then mess up the next day. I can't seem to get it under control. I don't know if it's just the time of the year or what but I can certainly relate. I miss my daughter being little and writing letters to Santa. Made Christmas so much more fun. :)