Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm bad....


Apparently I am terrible at “following” through at everything. Fitness, weight loss, projects around the house…and blogging breaks. Yes, I’m back already. What’s up with that, you may wonder? Well, what can I say? I missed it too much!

But, I am still going to be changing things a bit. I have decided that, instead of taking an extended break, I will instead continue on - without the pressure. You see, I am terrible at putting pressure on myself, and blogging was no exception. If I didn’t get out at least three posts per week, I felt like a failure. But I’m done with that. I will not force myself to post if I am not in the mood, or if I’m having terrible writer’s block. If I only make one post a week, then I will only have one post a week – and hopefully it will be a good one!

Moving on…

I remember, back when I started blogging consistently over two years ago, how much it helped me to share my little goals each week with you. So I really want to go back to that – hopefully it will help to keep me accountable.

So, this week I plan to:

1. Eat more vegetables
2. Watch my sugar intake
3. Hit the gym 3 times, plus get in one or two outdoor runs
4. Try heavier weights for my arm exercises
5. Eat lightly at my Dad’s birthday dinner (which will be held at a Chinese buffet), but still enjoy myself. (Please see previous post about all-you-can-eat meals here)
6. Not eat out all week EXCEPT for the above-mentioned dinner

I think that’s enough for one week…don’t ya think?

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