Friday, October 24, 2014


So, I had a little bit of a happy “aha” moment the other day while I was trying on some old clothes. I can, sadly, remember the amount that I weighed when I used to wear these clothes (less than I do now). I was fully expecting the clothes to be tight, not fit, or fit poorly. But, I tried them on anyway.

Well, you know what? I was partly right. Some didn’t fit, and some fit poorly. However, other items DID fit – and some fit great! I tried on a coat that used to be tight when I weighed 10-15 pounds LESS and it felt perfect. I tried on a sweater that never used to fit me at this weight, and it was only slightly snug. And other shirts fit well. I bought some new clothes, too, in a size lower than I was expecting (from stores WITHOUT vanity sizing), like size 12 pants where I was expecting to need a 14 or 16. I’m darned happy with my size 12s! I even scored a cute dress for 12$!!! This was all definitely a little ego boost for me.

So, it made me think…even though I have gained a lot of weight back (not all, but a lot), I haven’t gained nearly as many INCHES. And that is more important. I guess the fact that I kept up my workouts really made a difference.

Now…onto the goals I made last week. I am here to report on how I did:

I wanted to eat more vegetables. I did, although I was only aiming for two per day, which isn’t exactly impressive. I did watch my sugar intake...and by that I mean, it was better than the previous week. I got in one outdoor run and went to the gym twice. I would have hit my goal of going three times, but my little guy decided to bump his head and need stitches on gym night. Priorities! I succeeded in adding more weight at the gym and eating lightly at my dad's birthday dinner, but I also ended up eating out more this week, which wasn't the plan.

Overall, I would say that I did "okay". I did lose a pound, so that's good.

I basically have the same goals this week, except instead of a birthday dinner, I will allow myself one meal out. Let's see if I can do this...

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  1. I always get stuck on what the scale says too even though I know I am in better shape and smaller than at the same weight years ago. Lifting and adding muscle really changes your shape, in a good way. :)