Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3

Two questions were asked of us today:

"Tell us about your social media! Where can we find you? Link to your twitter, pinterest, Facebook, instagram, or google +. If you don't use those sites, then tell us why not!"

I use facebook...that's about it. I don't think that my life is interesting enough for Twitter, and I honestly don't know what instagram or google + is! I barely know what pinterest is, either!

"Also, what are your favorite websites? Are there any that you check daily? What do you like about them?"

My favourite places to go, on the web, are actually other blogs :) One of my go-tos is this. Katie, the writer, is SUCH an inspiration. She's had tragedy in her life, major upheavals, and also, in the end, such joy. I highly, highly recommend reading her blog (if you don't already!). It will give you a new perspective in life, for sure.

Another one I love is written by a women named Bev. Her blog started as a way to detail her struggle with infertility, and now, thankfully, it follows her growing family. I LOVE her writing style, and have also been inspired by her writings, so I suggest you check it out!


  1. I only have Facebook too... and I think we both follow Bev, she was my inspiration in starting a blog years ago =)

  2. Hey, I just left you 2 awards on my blog...