Monday, July 2, 2012

Challenge = FAIL

Okay, so I had to stop the blogging challenge with two days left. Why? Because I just simply could not make time to even turn on the darned computer! The baby has been a bit fussy, it was my anniversary, then my birthday + mom's birthday + Canada Day yesterday, so I had a lot to do! Please accept these excuses, and my apologies!

(And yes, you read that correctly - I was born on my Mom's birthday, which also happens to be Canada Day. Any other July 1st birthdays out there?)

Anyway, the last two posts I missed involved talking about my hobbies (which I've already touched on in previous posts) and discussing my dream vacation. That would HAVE to be Bora Bora...although I have no idea how I'd handle the plane ride (I'm afraid of flying!) But the thought of those on-water bungalows is just so relaxing...awww...

For my next post, I need your help! I have always loved it when popular blogs do a "Q&A" for the blog author, so, I'm going to attempt one of those (even though my blog doesn't have too many readers yet, hee hee). It will turn into a "getting to know you" type of thing! So, in the comments section on this post, ask me your questions! Any question, and you can ask more than one! It can be about creative stuff, family long as it isn't too personal, I'll answer!

And one last thing...Happy (belated) Canada Day, and Happy (early) Independance Day to my American neighbours!

1 comment:

  1. You are forgiven... this time lol

    1-Why can't we ask personal questions? (I kid, I kid)

    Real #1- What is your favorite hobby? (Not that you even have time with 2 little ones)
    #2- How did hubby/you propose?