Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Commenting Challenge - Day 2

Today's topic instructs me to blog about my blog.

Uh oh. I think I kind of blew it, by writing about that yesterday. That's what I get for not following ALL instructions! Well, let's see what I can do...

Well, Iève already told you about how I stopped blogging, how I want to re-enter the blogosphere, and what I want to blog about. I have even told you a little bit away why I want to blog. But here is what you do NOT yet know:

1. This computer is broken and will not allow me to use certain keys; specially, ones that control certain types of punctuation. I prefer to use my husbands computer, but right now, this is all I have. I am telling you this so that you understand why my writing may seem choppy or mispelled at all today, as I try to avoid using words and phrases that involve those keys.

2. I like cake and cupcake decorating. That is one thing that I forgot to mention in yesterdays post...and something I would like to post about on this blog as well. I have never taken any cake decorating classes, so my creations are not always very polished or professional looking, but nonetheless, I am proud of them. Here are some examples on what I have done in the past:

Ladybugs, for a girlie party... Birthday cake, for a little pirate... New Years Eve celebration Valentines Day
Cake, made to look like my daughters cherished teddy bear...

3. My want to blog was the result of being inspired by some wonderful blog ladies. I would like to write more about my favourites, but in case that turns out to be one of the topics of this challenge...I will hold off :)

Tell me about your blogging loves!


  1. Wow, those cakes are sawweet. No pun intended. Sooo cute!

  2. Beautiful cakes! I wish I had an artistic bone in my body!!

  3. Nice work on the cakes. Wish I was a little more artistic.

  4. Thanks everyone!!! I try to do things that aren't super-hard...but they can end up time-consuming!