Friday, October 26, 2012

Fat-Free Friday: Going for Goal

Guess what the scale told me today? Just guess...

I AM IN THE 150s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I weighed in at 158.4, if you want me to be specific. I am so close to goal that I can almost taste it. Just 1.4 pounds to go. I need to do it this week. NEED to! It's definitely possible, but with Hallowe'en thrown in there mid-week, it may be a challenge. And as for my pesky habit of peeking at my weight too often? I really am going to try to not do that. Because the next time I take a look at what the scale has to say, I want it to tell me that I'm at goal. I can't wait! Wish me luck!

It was so nice to get some good news this morning, because I've been having a bad week. Or, more specifically, a self-critical week. Visually, of course. Yes, it's shallow, but with my recent weight-loss I've been looking in the mirror a lot more often. Unfortunately, what I normally see isn't anything to be proud of. For some reason, when I look in the mirror, I still see myself the same way as I did when I was 200 pounds. I look huge. I feel my hair is always a mess, my eyes are too close together, my nose is too big, my lips are too small (as is my chest), my thighs are still SO BIG...and let's not ever TALK about my stretch marks! However, I KNOW that we are all our own worst criticis, so my goal this week is not to dwell on that stuff. And looking at photos helps - I am happier when I see myself in photos. Mostly, though, I'm just telling you this so that you know that weight-loss doesn't always help to fix your other insecurities. Wish it did.

That's all for today.

P.S. A lot of you have been asking me about my big craft project. Here is a hint for you. In involves felt. A lot of felt...


  1. Stay-AWAY-from-the-scale!
    You are not allowed to cheat and peak young lady, now be a good girl! lol

    It's awesome that you are soooo close to your goal, insecurities or not, you are working it! We are indeed our own worst critics but I'll say it anyway: you are beautiful and all and any marks that you may have are proud battle wounds... that being said just be glad you don't have left over twin belly :-/

  2. Shanny - but it LOOKS like I had twins, lol! Loose skin and all! And thanks :)

  3. Oh then darn it! lol
    You run from Canada, I'll run from NY we'll meet halfway then double back.... that should help a bit... *sigh*

  4. We almost got the exact same weight this week! I weighed in at 158.3!! Way to go!!!