Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fat-Free Friday, a Day Late.

Weighed in at 161.2 yesterday. Down 1.6 pounds in a week, and you know what that means?

Less that five pounds until my goal of 157!!! Ahhh!!!! I'm hoping to hit that int he next three weeks...

But...I know how easy it is to get obsessed with what the scale says. It's a habit that I'm trying so hard to break. So, my goal this week is to not peak at the scale even ONCE before my weigh-in on Friday. Hold me to it ladies!

In addition, I have composed a list of reasons why we should not get too hung up on what the scale says. So, for your viewing pleasure...

Why the Scale is a Jerkbank…

1. It doesn’t care when you are retaining water
2. It can’t tell the difference between fat and muscle
3. It doesn’t accept “It’s my time of the month” as a valid excuse
4. It makes you pay if you ate a big meal the night before
5. It seems to forget that one pound is approximately 3,500 calories. Heaven forbid you eat an extra 200 calorie ice cream bar...
6. Sometimes, it punishes you even when you’ve had a week of eating healthy and exercising
7. Sometimes, it makes you appear larger, even when you are losing inches
8. Sometimes, when you just KNOW that you are going to rock your weigh-in, its battery dies
9. It pretends that your husband never gains weight, despite the fact that he eats like he’s preparing for hibernation
10. It is insensitive to the fact that you’ve had a really bad day, have been working really hard and need and DESERVE to see a good number

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  1. I love these, Brenna!! And you look fantastic in your sidebar pic. So hot!

  2. That wine is liquid and shouldn't weigh anything.