Friday, March 4, 2016

Three Weeks In

Well, I have officially stuck at my new healthy eating plan for a full three weeks - which, let's be honest, is longer than I have stuck to anything in awhile! And I have seen pretty good results because of it. I have lost over 6lbs in that time, so I am obviously happy about that. Considering that sickness left me, once again, having to take it easy and limit exercise, I think those are great results. Even if I had been exercising more, I still think that's a great loss!

I haven't really noticed much change in how my clothes fit yet. At 5'9, it usually takes about 10lbs or more before I notice much of a difference. However, I do think my tummy looks smaller - my family members have even commented on that, so that feels good. I know that carrying weight in the tummy causes some health risks, and it's never been a problem area for me until recently. So seeing it shrink makes me feel a lot more confident. Plus, visibly being able to see a difference in my body is definitely motivating.

I even have a "motivation buddy". She is a long-time blog friend of mine. We message each other back and forth when we have a good workout or make some good choices, and yes, even when we goof up. But I find that also holds me more accountable. I definitely recommend getting a buddy!

The weather is starting to warm up, slowly but surely. I can't wait until I can run outside more consistently. In fact, I am craving spring runs...

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