Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Mood/Bad Mood

Good Mood: Earlier today, I was in an extremely good mood. My hubby and I actually had some time off together, our baby was in a great mood, and more importantly (okay, not really more importantly), I bought some cool clothes that I just love. The best part? Since I finally actually managed to get my eating under control a few weeks ago, and started exercising more consistently, sizes that were TOO TIGHT on me a month and a half ago are fitting nicely - sometimes even a tad large! So hooray for that, and for my trendy-but-not-expensive finds!

Bad Mood: Maybe "bad" isn't the way to put it, but I've been in an ODD mood lately...where I feel somewhat unfulfilled with life. And I don't understand it! I have a job that I like (though it does not pay nearly enough for our little family to stay afloat) a great family, a healthy baby...and yet I seem only capable of focusing on the negative (not enough, not enough time with my husband because he works over time to make MORE money, not enough time with friends, not having a house yet).

It's like now, I'm on facebook, creeping my friends' photos (yes, YOURS too), and they all look SOOOO happy...their lives are so full, and I don't know how to get that feeling to stick around for me!

Anyway...there are my thoughts for the night!

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  1. Pictures are deceiving...No one takes pictures and posts them on facebook of when they are all depressed and sour about life!
    Sometimes I think wow I must be the only one out there with such a beautiful loving family that may seem to have everything, but I find myself down in the dumps plenty of the time.
    You you find the secret to feeling fulfilled all the time...let me in on it ;)