Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost October...

And that means that Aaralyn is four months old. I just can't believe it.

When you say "four months" it doesn't sound like so much. But when you think about it, that's a THIRD of a YEAR! Holy smokes!!!

It sounds clich├ęd, but in some ways, it feels like just yesterday she was born, and other days, I can barely remember life without her! Can anyone relate?

Voila: Aaralyn and her cousin Nora:


  1. Saw your comment on Kate's blog and just wanted to let you know space is an issue at our house too. We used the Bumbo with tray and it was great for quite a while. Once he could push with his feet and almost tip it over we switched to the hippo grip chair. It folds up and goes in a bag for transport but otherwise it can be attached to any table, island, etc. It is great. We still use it for our almost 1 year old and took it when we went camping this summer. If you want more info or a picture...stop by my blog and let me know!