Monday, December 17, 2012

Good News!!!

As of this morning, I am officially back at goal!!!! I still have about 3 1/2 pounds of vacation weight to lose, and with Christmas goodies all around me, losing that might be just a TAD difficult right now...but don't you worry, I am going to keep trucking away!!!

Speaking of vacation...want to see the difference between the LAST time I went to Florida compared to this most recent time? Remember, both times I had a baby who was less than a year old. Feast your eyes:

Last time: (around 188 pounds)

This time: (153 pounds)

Pretty big difference, if I do say so myself. And yes, that is the same little girl in both photos! They grow up so fast!

Hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday season so far!


  1. Love the comparison pics ;)
    Back at goal? Woot, Woot!

  2. Good for you! Glad you and the family had an awesome trip!!