Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aaralyn's first trip to...the bar?!?!

No, I'm not a horrible Mommy.

I just found out today, while attending a pre-wedding party for a couple of friends, that one of our local outdoor bars is actual quite a nice pub-type place during the daytime. Yummy food and a nice atmosphere - I'd never even thought to check it out!

Aaralyn was, of course, a hit! I only hope that she didn't distract too much from the guests of honour! Unfortunately, my husband Stuart had to work so he wasn't able to attend. (Being married to someone who works the night shift - and ONLY the night shift! - is quite a challenge, especially with a new baby!) I will have to remember to tell him all of the wonderful things that people said about our little one!

The gang:

The star of the show (in my eyes at least!):

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  1. This picture is so adorable!!! Worthy of a star of the show =)